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Can You Travel with CBD Oil?

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CBD oil has become a staple in millions of people’s lives across the United States. The 2018 farm bill made hemp-derived CBD legal at home across the USA, but what about while you’re on the road?

Nuanced regulations around CBD can make traveling with the substance confusing. This is concerning for the growing number of people that rely on CBD for daily relief and don't want to leave it behind.

Before you head off on your next adventure, you must consider where you're traveling to, how you're getting there, and what you're bringing with you. Let's get started!

Can You Fly with CBD Oil?

This is perhaps the most common question for would-be CBD carrying travelers ask - so we wanted to address it upfront.

Pressure from the legalization of hemp and the presence of the CBD prescription Epidiolex brought the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)'s policy in line with federal law. The updated "What Can I Bring?" travel policy on medical marijuana states:

"Marijuana and certain cannabis infused products, including some Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, remain illegal under federal law except for products that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis or that are approved by FDA. (See the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, Pub. L. 115-334.)  TSA officers are required to report any suspected violations of law to local, state or federal authorities. "

Updated TSA policy on medical marijuana

This means that as long as your CBD product contains 0.3% THC or less, you can fly with it! This generally means that if you have a hemp-derived product, you're good to go. There are high-CBD marijuana-derived products out there that may bust through the THC limit, so be sure to check the source of your product.

How to Travel with CBD Oil: A Checklist

No matter how you plan on traveling, if you'd like to bring CBD with you, go through this checklist before packing your bags:

1. Check Local Laws & Travel Regulations

It's important to check that the places you'll visit AND that your means of travel allow for CBD oil.

You'll want to check that local laws of the areas you'll visit allow for the possession of CBD oil. Within the USA, this means you need to look to state laws as they can trump federal regulation. Some states have implemented stricter policies than those outlined in the 2018 farm bill. Additionally, if you plan on traveling internationally, you'll want to check those countries that you visit (including layovers) allow for CBD oil.

You'll also want to think about how you'll be traveling. Hopping in the car to drive between states? No problem! Traveling by air? Be sure to check the TSA policies we outlined above. Going on a cruise? Not so fast! Some cruise lines like Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Carribean explicitly prohibit CBD products. While others like the Disney Cruise Line don’t mention CBD, so it's best to call ahead and confirm.

2. Bring the Right Products & Pack Correctly

If local and travel regulations are all clear, next it's time to think about what products you'll bring and how to pack them.

Using the common example of flying, you'll want to make sure that your products fall below the local and TSA THC limits. This means shopping from reputable sellers and confirming via the lab reports that the product is not over the limit.

Packing a suitcase

You'll also want to consider if you'll be checking or carrying on your products. For example, if you enjoy vaping CBD, it's important to know that you can't put them in your checked bag, but can carry them on when you fly.

Finally, you'll want to make sure you're packing the products safely. This means carrying products that don't trip regulations like the 3.4oz restriction for carry-on products and placing the product in an individual plastic baggie to prevent leaks.

3. Always Have Lab Reports on Hand

The final step in the checklist is all about covering your bases in case of questioning.

If you are stopped for carrying a CBD product, being educated and able to prove the content of the product could turn a lengthy questioning into a quick stop. This means you should always carry lab reports for the products that you travel with. These reports allow you to provide documentation that the products you're holding are legal to carry.

All top-quality CBD brands should be able to easily produce lab reports for their products. For example, here at Big Sky Botanicals, we provide lab reports for every product we sell and take it a step further, helping you understand why these labs are important and how to read them.

The Benefits of Using CBD While Traveling

If you've cleared the checklist above and can travel with your CBD oil - great news! CBD is the perfect companion on any trip. The advantages of these products match perfectly with almost any type of travel. For example:

  • Promotes quality sleep. This can be game-changing if you're trying to catch some Z's on the plane or having a hard time sleeping in a new bed. Better rest means you'll be able to enjoy your adventure just that much more.
  • It provides a sense of ease. Be it nerves from visiting a new place, flying, or both, this relaxation promoting compound can help smooth out the bumps in the road.
  • It helps with aches and soreness. Being jammed in a plane or car seat for a few hours always seems to lead to some stiffness. Sleeping with your head hung to the side can tweak your neck. CBD products - including topicals - are great carry along to help address any issues you run into along the way.

Travel & Big Sky Botanicals

We are proud to say that here at Big Sky Botanicals, we produce a line of products that are sourced from legally grown Colorado hemp. Our products comply with the TSA's travel regulations and are THC-free, making them even more widely accepted.

We provide all of our hemp sourcing information on our product creation and quality page. This includes a certificate of free sale which includes industrial hemp farming registration numbers which are used to confirm compliance and legal sourcing. We also provide batch-level lab reports for each and every product we sell confirming that our products contain 0.0% THC.

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