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How to Choose Between Our Products

Are you new to Big Sky Botanicals and wondering where you should start? Are you an existing client looking to explore new options from our product lineup?

Either way, this guide is the perfect place to start! Below we walk through the major decision points as they relate to our product line. The goal is to help you select the best products based on your needs and preferences.

If you need additional assistance beyond this guide or simply prefer a one-on-one guided experience, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help assist you!

Lineup of Big Sky products

Consider the Spectrum

When selecting products from our lineup, the first place to start is with spectrum. The product spectrum indicates the presence of various cannabis compounds, but the primary consideration here is around THC exposure.

Today we offer two spectrums of products: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum.

The primary difference is that full-spectrum products contain a slightly wider chemical profile which includes up to 0.3% THC. These levels are non-psychoactive, but they can still be detected on drug tests. On the other hand, our broad-spectrum products contain a slightly less diverse chemical profile but contains 0.0% THC.

Comparatively, they offer very similar benefits with full-spectrum being only slightly more effective. Because of this, we recommend you choose full-spectrum if you can and/or are comfortable consuming tiny amounts of THC. If not, opt for our THC-free broad-spectrum products which do offer comparable benefits.

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Choose Your Product Type By Need

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The next step is to consider the use case. Generally, we split our line into 3 major categories: consumables, topicals, and pet products. Here is how we break these down based on need:

  • If you're looking to address mood, comfort, or sleep-related issues, then choose a consumable product. We have quite a few options, which we will discuss more in detail below.
  • If you have localized skin, muscle, or joint issues, then we recommend at least a topical CBD product but ideally to combine consumable and topical applications.
  • If you're looking for solutions for your pet, then choose from our specialized pet products or look to the ingredients list of our consumables and consult your vet to see if they might be appropriate for your animal.

Select a Product Based on Type & Preference

Based on the last section, there is a darn good chance you'll be looking for a consumable product. If you're the minority that doesn't need one, you can skip this section and head over to our shop to buy topicals or pet products. If you're in the vast majority that will use a consumable product, this section will help you choose between the many options in our core lineup.

The core of our product line is made up of our softgels, oil tinctures, water-soluble tincture, and gummies. All of these products are consumable and offer unique aspects that make them stand out. We can split them into two primary groups: our 'supplement style' products and 'novel' products.

Supplement-Style Products

Contents of 25mg Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

The supplement-style product lines are our softgels and oil-based tinctures. This group of products offers a choice between full and broad-spectrum, the best bang for your buck, and a straightforward, no-frills means of consuming CBD. If you're looking strictly for the benefit of consuming a CBD product without breaking the bank, these are the products to start with.

Our water-soluble softgels and tinctures offer very similar benefits. If choosing between the two, the choice is really all about preference:

  • Our CBD Softgels offer a water-soluble solution that provides a consistent dosage without having to deal with any flavors.
  • Our Tinctures offer an oil-based sublingual solution that provides flexibility with dosage.

We have a roughly equal number of clients who use each category and the benefits are very comparable. If you're unsure, we offer sample sizes and low-potency options to get you started.

Novel Products

Adding Hydro CBD to coconut water

This group is made of our water-soluble tincture and our gummies. These offerings are only available in a broad-spectrum formulation but offer unique and novel ways to consume CBD.

Compared to our supplement-style products, you'll pay slightly more for the novelty associated with these products, but they are still affordable and competitively priced against the market:

  • Our Hydro CBD Tincture offers a water-soluble solution that can be mixed into drinks like coffee, tea, or water as well as added to foods like honey. This enables you to make your own infused products.
  • Our CBD Gummies are an all-natural edible infusion that provides a fun and delicious way to consume your CBD while still being free of artificial colors/flavors or high amounts of sugar.

Choosing either of these products is again a preference as they are both still highly effective and great options, just with slightly less choice than the supplement-style offerings. Again, if you're unsure, we offer sample sizes and low-potency options to get you started.

Additional Support

Now that you understand the thinking behind our product line, you're ready to set off and make your selections. If you need more assistance, we are always available to assist. Get in touch with us via email or phone and we will be happy to help.

If you've selected the ideal products for your needs, also be sure to check out our guide which helps you put the products to use in an effective manner.

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