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Product Selection Guide

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is: Which product should I choose?

To help answer this question we put together this short, informative guide. Continue reading as we dive into our product line and talk briefly about each solution we offer. You'll discover the ideal application for each product, how our products compare to one another, and how to correctly utilize them.

CBD Softgels: Water-Soluble Capsules

CBD Softgels Group Shot
Our softgels are our most popular product for good reason! This product is cost-effective, discreet, and easy to use. As with all our CBD-infused products, our softgels are designed to maintain whole-body balance. Use to improve sleep quality, reduce aches & soreness, and beyond.

To combat effectiveness issues that traditional oil-based and powdered capsules suffer from, we employ water-soluble nanotechnology in our softgels. This proprietary processing technique breaks down the hemp oil into ~25nm diameter particles - nearly 1/100th the size of a human hair. The result is a product which offers up to 5x the absorption rates when compared to traditional capsule products.

Why Choose this Product

  • Discrete and easy to use.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Highly effective thanks to water-soluble nanotechnology.

How to Use

Use 1 softgel as needed. Most people find 1 capsule per day to be sufficient, though dosage may be increased if desired depending on your needs. This product may be taken at any time of the day or night, but taking before bed may help promote sleep quality.

  • Average to larger people will likely find the 25 mg softgels to be preferred.
  • Smaller than average people will likely find 10 mg softgels to be sufficient.

When beginning with this product, we suggest maintaining a consistent daily schedule about a week. Observe and note the effects and adjust the dosage or timing as desired.

CBD Tincture: A Traditional Oil-Based Tincture

CBD Oil Tinctures Group Shot

Similar to our softgels, our oil-based tincture offers whole-body benefits. These two products are our primary products. The main difference between the two lies in the way you utilize them. The tincture allows for more precise, measured dosing.

In practice, tinctures and softgels have slightly different onset times, durations, and effects. If you're on the fence between the two, it is worth giving each product a try and comparing the effects before making your personal decision on which you prefer.

Why Choose this Product

  • Cost-effective.
  • Precise dosing control.
  • Superior absorption via carrier oil combination.

How to Use

For best results, shake the tincture well prior to use.

  • Average to larger people find one serving of the 750 ml potency (1 ml – 25 mg of CBD content) to be preferred.
  • Smaller than average people find one serving of the 250 ml potency (1 ml – 8.33 mg of CBD content) sufficient.

When beginning with this product, we suggest maintaining a consistent daily use schedule for a week. Observe and note the effects and adjust the dosage or timing as desired.

CBD Hydro: Water-Soluble, Multi-Use Tincture

CBD Hydro Tincture 250mg

While similar in appearance to our oil-tincture, CBD Hydro is a completely unique product. Inside the traditional looking dropper bottle you'll find a water-soluble solution employing the same nanotechnology found in our softgels. Though it could be used as a traditional tincture, Hydro is primarily designed to be used as an additive to drinks and food products.

The tiny hemp oil particle size allows for the contents of this tincture to fully disperse into liquids. Don't overpay for CBD-infused products with unknown contents any longer. Use hydro to create your own CBD-infused drinks and foods on the fly. Control your dose, save money, and enjoy a highly effective CBD extracts along the way.

Why Choose this Product

  • Infuse drinks and food products with CBD.
  • Use as a traditional tincture.
  • Enjoy water-soluble nanotechnology effectiveness.
  • Save money and gain control when compared to pre-packaged CBD infused products.

How to Use

For best results, shake the tincture well prior to use. The recommended dosage is 1-2 droppers (1 ml – 8.33 mg of CBD content) full.

  • Use Hydro as an additive to water, beverages, or food products. Simply mix in your desired dose.
  • Use as a tincture.

When beginning with this product, we suggest maintaining a consistent daily use schedule for a week. Observe and note the effects and adjust the dosage or timing as desired.

CBD Balm: Topical Skin & Muscle Relief

CBD Balm Sticks Group Shot

Our balm is simply the perfect complement to our greater product line. Inside the 2oz jar is 500mg of our broad-spectrum hemp extract. The product uses MCT oil to help maximize skin penetration. This topical is perfect for using on problem areas, targeting specific issues. Use it on irritated skin or to alleviate aches and soreness of any cause.

Why Choose this Product

  • Targeted relief from soreness and aches.
  • Useful for supporting numerous skin conditions.
  • The perfect compliment to our other products.

How to Use

Apply a thin layer of CBD Balm onto the problem area and massage gently into the skin until completely absorbed. For best results, repeat the application one or two additional times throughout the day as needed.

We hope this guide has provided you with all the information to choose the products that best suit your needs. If you still have additional question, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us directly and we will be happy to help guide you further.

10 comments on “Product Selection Guide

  • Char Siegenthaler says:

    I am 70 and still working, if I understand this broad spectrum is thc free, if I was drug tested which I am will I pass with a broad spectrum

  • Barb Yirak says:

    What is the optimum route for maximum bioavailibility and fastest absorption of Hydro CBD? Wouldn't it be sublingual? If so, what about flavoring it? If added to liquids wouldn't stomach acids affect it ? Would it be absorbed from the GI tract or does it have to go through the liver? I understood (or misunderstood) that the goal behind hydro CBD was to have more CBD absorbed at a much faster rate.

    • Big Sky Botanicals says:

      Hello Barb - as you theorize, sublingual application of the hydro product may increase bioavailability, but we can't point to any specific research to back this specific concept up. In order to make the product readily disperse throughout liquids the hydro does not contain a carrier oil. This makes it non-ideal for sublingual application as the carrier oil helps to aid in absorption through the mucous membranes.

      The idea behind the hydro tincture is the nano emulsification improves the oral bioavailability beyond that of an oil-based sublingual tincture. The nano emulsification is designed to increase absorption as the product passes through first-pass metabolism in the liver, the process which sublingual products aim to bypass.

      The ultimate goal of the hydro is to balance versatility with superior bioavailability when orally consumed. This is why we choose an unflavored formula - to ensure the product can be added to the widest range of infused products without impacting taste. For those that prefer sublingual administration, we suggest the oil tincture.

  • Ergolad says:

    I'm confused. Your material states that your water soluble products are 5X more bioavailable (and you include a 5X factor in your price/mg calculator). Say I'm taking 10MG of oil, you're site explains that much of that passes through the body. So if that's what I'm used to, your lowest dosage water soluble capsule (10mg), would provide significantly more bioavailable CBD. Though the actual CBD contents may test the same. That begs the question, should one take less than 10MG if a 10MG oil based dose has been effective? And if so, how? Capsules would be out of the question, right? And in a previous inquiry you state that the water soluble tincture is not really intended for use sublingually, which would appear to be most effective. So are you left to use the tincture mixed with water, food or drink in order to get doses lower than 10mg? Also am I doing the math right based on your formula? The oil tincture prices out to nearly .08/mg of a less bioavailable product, where the water soluble tincture comes out to .14/mg (or, .028/mg if you factor 5X more bioavailability)? Finally, are there any 3rd party test results available for your products, or is everything in-house? Thanks!

    • Big Sky Botanicals says:

      Your understanding of the 5x factor is correct. Our capsules are designed with 10mg / 25mg potency based on common use cases. If you find that a 10mg oil-based capsule is sufficient for you, then you're correct, you'd only need 1/5th the dose (2mg) of our water-soluble softgels for a similar absorption rate in the end. In order to achieve a smaller dose, you can either go with the oil-based tincture or use the hydro tincture as you mention. The Hydro CAN be taken sublingually or swallowed directly, the taste is just less desirable than the oil-based tincture.

      Our lab reports include 3rd party testing, they are just compiled under our letterhead to make them easier to read.

  • Angela Zappone says:

    why do you not recommend the nano-particle "hydro" tincture via oral mucosa. It would seem the best of both worlds, bioavailability and oral mucosa best route to affect nuerocognition...

    Also is it a full spectrum product or "broad" spectrum?
    How are the terpene levels?
    Distillate or Co2 extraction?


    • Big Sky Botanicals says:

      Hi Angela,

      You make a great point about the potential for bioavailability that hydro used as a sublingual tincture would offer. We recommend using hydro as an additive rather than a tincture for two reasons:

      1. our softgels and tincture are more cost-effective, so dollar per dose for a 'supplement-like' option, it's probably a similar or even better deal to go that route.
      2. Diluted in a drink or food product the hydro is fantastic, put into the mouth directly, the taste isn't that pleasant and it's very intense. Our oil tincture is flavored with organic orange oil to make it a pleasant tasting experience.

      Our products are broad spectrum with a full terpene profile. We use ethanol and CO2 extraction. For full information on how they are made and what's inside, see our process.

      • jim says:

        So there is no flavoring that would make the hydro tincture palatable so as to take advantage of the the oral mucosa route? And what about a suppository option? That is the highest absorption method.

        • Big Sky Botanicals says:

          Hi Jim, The hydro is primarily designed to be mixed with a liquid or something like honey, so it is unflavored as not to interfere with the flavors of whatever it may be in. Our oil tincture is pleasantly flavored with orange oil and can be used to take advantage of the oral mucosa route as you mention.

          We don't have any plans to offer a suppository option currently simply because while the bioavailability is high, it's not a commonly used application.

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