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Find articles and resources pertaining to the hemp, CBD, and cannabis industry at large. Politics, law, and other important industry updates found here.

Man holding hemp leaves against sunset

The Evolution of CBD: From Fringe to Mainstream

Dr. Bayne French takes us on a tour of CBD's history - from fringe almost reluctant use, to an effective, mainstream, well-studied compound.

Hemp leaves with a tincture bottle

Beware of Medical Claims About CBD

CBD companies shouldn't make sweeping medical claims about CBD, but many do. We talk about why this happens and why we don't partake.

Chromatography header collage

What is Chromatography & How is it Used in the CBD Industry?

Discover chromatography, an important process used across the CBD industry to test for potency and purity as well as remove or isolate cannabinoids.

Hemp Derived CBD Distillate Pour

What is Cannabis Distillation & How is it Used in the CBD Industry?

Cannabis distillation is a processing technique used to isolate compounds like THC and CBD. Learn about distillates as they relate to the CBD industry.

Amazon pickup and returns building

PSA: Don't Buy CBD Oil From Amazon

Amazon's seller policies prohibit the sale of CBD products, yet there is an endless supply of "CBD-like" products for sale on the platform. Buyer beware.

2018 Farm Bill Hemp Legalization Header

Hemp & CBD Products are Legal Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill

As the 2018 farm bill legalizes hemp farming & CBD products, we look back at hemp's legal history and the impact of these new regulations.

Chemical Free CBD Vape Pen Header

Vaping CBD Distillate: A Thinning Agent Free Future

CBD distillate is paving the way to safer vaping by removing the reliance on harmful artificial ingredients and thinning agents.