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Combine Consumable & Topical CBD for Superior Results

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Widely discussed are the benefits of CBD. Product choices range widely from tinctures to gummies to bath bombs and beyond. While the benefits of CBD itself are often praised, talk of how best to utilize and combine the various types of products available is frequently missed.

Today I'd like to discuss two of the most popular types of products: consumables & topicals. Taken alone, each of these product types can have a significant impact but combining them creates additional synergies to take your CBD benefits to the next level.

Join me as we take a look at these two product types individually, together, and discuss the anecdotal evidence that tells the story of how they are the perfect pair.

Consumable CBD: System-Wide Benefits

Holding a softgel

Consumable CBD is a vast group of products that is by far the most predominant on the market today. From tinctures to softgels to vaporized or smoked hemp, all these products deliver the valuable cannabinoids in hemp to the bloodstream where they are then received by the body.

Inside the body is a network of receptors called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS works throughout our life to help maintain the balance and function of our bodily systems. Supplementing this system with the phytocannabinoids found in hemp is what helps provide the oft-touted benefits of CBD oil.

Consumable products deliver the cannabinoids and other hemp compounds internally throughout this system. The resulting system-wide benefits are delivered from the inside out. This makes this group of products perfect for addressing issues like general soreness, stress, mood regulation, and improving sleep quality.

Topical CBD: Localized Benefits via the Skin

Applying balm to wrist

The other half of the picture here is topical CBD. This category includes any product which is designed to deliver hemp compounds via the skin. This can include salves, lotions, bath bombs, and beyond.

The endocannabinoid system receptors we discussed above are found in all major systems of the body including the brain, immune cells, organs, connective tissues, glands - and the skin. This means that we can apply hemp products externally letting the compounds absorb from the outside in.

In contrast to consumable CBD, topically applied products provide localized support for the surrounding skin and muscles. This is why topicals are perfect for addressing localized aches or soreness and for helping skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Combining Consumable & Topical CBD for Superior Results

As you can see, the different ways that these two categories of products enter the body has a big impact on the benefits. What we've found is that using both in tandem can take the benefits to the next level.

As a baseline, daily use of consumable CBD provides internal, system-wide benefits that provide a positive impact all day and night. Adding topical CBD helps supplement localized issues that need a bit more support. We continue to hear stories from our clients that combining the two takes things to the next level!

For example, we hear time and time again how internally consumed CBD helps improve recovery after exercise. That said, we often hear that the next day after a big effort, there might still be some specific sore spots that internal CBD doesn't directly address - like knees or leg muscles.

Applying topical CBD to these areas helps 'fill this missing gap' by complimenting the overall benefits with additional localized support. This improves overall recovery and helps give those external areas a bit extra love.

Give This Duo a Try Yourself

Here at Big Sky, we find that most of our clients start with consumable CBD, finding their ideal dose, and sticking with it. To make it easier to try the consumable & topical combo, we've introduced sample-sized 30mg CBD balm sticks to our product line. This makes it easy and low-cost to give this combo a try. Simply toss a sample on your next order!

If you're not a Big Sky client yet or you've never tried CBD, we also offer sample packs that include both softgels and our balm. These affordable packs are designed around our 6-day ramp-up protocol, designed to help you find your ideal consumable dosage while also providing the opportunity to add the balm to the mix.

CBD softgels and balm

If you've tried this yourself, please let us know down in the comments below or shoot us an email and let us know how things are going!

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