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Find a selection of our latest product reviews below. All feedback was provided by verified purchasers of Big Sky Botanicals products. We never incentivize or influence review content - just real reviews from real clients!

5 out of 5

I use the gummies at nighttime when I can't sleep - it really helps. They are easy to take and accessible at my bedside. I would highly recommend. The taste is fine, just like a herbal semi-sweet gummy. Big Sky customer service is outstanding also!

Ebes | Reviewing Our CBD Gummies

5 out of 5

This is great! Takes the edge off

Jessica | Reviewing Our Hydro CBD Tincture

5 out of 5

helps with mild soreness and anxious feelings. exactly what I wanted.

Ginny Helmer | Reviewing Our CBD Softgels

5 out of 5

It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start with your optimal dose, and this was really helpful for me to suss out what works best. (Highly recommend exploring during the weekend - I learned VERY quickly that the 25mg capsules in the morning made me too sleepy during the day, but was awesome right before bed. ) Was also nice to try a little bit of everything from the product range. The balm smells wonderful.

LJ | Reviewing Our Complete Sampler

5 out of 5

A friend suggested I try this product for sleep difficulty. I’m very happy with my results. I will keep using.

Cyndie Roy | Reviewing Our Hydro CBD Tincture

4 out of 5

I’ve ordered from ~a dozen CBD suppliers in the past year. My specifications are: hemp-derived full or broad-spectrum formulations; easily accessible COA for each batch; choice between full and broad spectrum, each in a variety of delivery formulations (preferably with non-sweetened, non-flavored oils/tinctures available); non-detectable levels of delta-9THC in broad spectrum formulations; brand or seller commitment to sustainability. I chose Big Sky Botanicals because it fit my buying criteria and came highly recommended from fellow CBD users. I had a great experience with my first 750mg tincture—so much so I reordered within 2 weeks and purchased the higher strength tincture as well. This is one of the best CBD products I’ve used (and I’ve used a LOT of them). Highly recommend. The *only* change that would take this from a 4 to 5 for me is the flavor. The tincture tastes of citrus/orange oil. I think some might enjoy or even prefer this to the taste of natural hemp oil, but I wish the tinctures were offered in a “plain”/“natural” flavor.

Ariana | Reviewing Our CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

I have tried several different cbd products from multiple companies and I find this to be effective and reasonably priced.

Pamela | Reviewing Our Hydro CBD Tincture

3 out of 5

I’m not sure if it does much compared to other products I’ve tried, but the consistency and sweet taste is what I can’t stand. It’s thick like honey, and tastes like it too. Not what I’m looking for in a tincture, and not worth bearing through for the minimal effects.

Elizabeth | Reviewing Our Hydro CBD Tincture

5 out of 5

I have tried the 250 and 1500 tincture and the hydro. I have had good results with all the big sky products, but I do prefer the tincture over the hydro. The 250 tincture is super mild and the orange flavor really comes through. The 1500 is more economical though, so I tried that in my next order. It still has the orange flavor, but the bitterness of the CBD comes through more. Nothing terrible! Just more pronounced :). I feel like the effectiveness of the tincture vs hydro is very comparable, but I just really dislike the taste of the hydro and the tincture is more economical.

Chandi | Reviewing Our CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

This sucker chills me out and works exactly the way you'd expect a CBD tincture to work. When I do my little dropper, brush my teeth, and then crawl into bed; by the time I pull the covers over my chest I feel like an anchor sinking into the mattress- perfect.

JG | Reviewing Our CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

I have been using the 1500mg for many months now. I am sleeping better and have seen an improvement with some dry skin and other problems I was having. I believe that once all the studies are completed, CBD oil will become a very important part of the medical needs of many people.

John Balser | Reviewing Our CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

I'm very happy with the quality of the CBD. I have also been very pleased with fast shipping times, and responsive customer service. Thank you!

Tara Ferranti | Reviewing Our CBD Gummies