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Find a selection of our latest product reviews below. All feedback was provided by verified purchasers of Big Sky Botanicals products. We never incentivize or influence reviews - just real reviews from real clients!

4 out of 5

I was happy with almost all the products in this sampler pack. I am taking 1 star off though because the gummies were not very tasteful. They had a bitter aftertaste! It's a shame because their gummies will soon be available in larger packs starting October and I was excited for that, but now not so much. Everything else was awesome and worked as expected!

Alexander Tir | Reviewing Our Complete Sampler

1 out of 5

I struggled to get all 6 down because of the flavor. I'd recommend just getting the oils. All melted together, smelled rancid, and tasted bad. Couldn't even identify what flavor they should have been.

Donny | Reviewing Our CBD Gummies

5 out of 5

The flavor could be better, but the effect alone is worth 5 stars. They start working pretty quickly and give me such a relaxing calm.

catherinecasey513 | Reviewing Our CBD Gummies

5 out of 5

love love

keeprainin23 | Reviewing Our CBD Softgels

5 out of 5

The Hydro tincture is perfect to assist me with my daily soreness and anxiety issues all day long. I add a few drops into my am coffee and then add a few drops to my water bottle to help me with my soreness and anxiety. Then in the evening before bed, I take the 1500mg Big Sky CBD Drops. CBD has helped me manage my soreness and anxiety without the need for over the counter big pharma meds.

Shanon Leyva | Reviewing Our Hydro CBD Tincture

5 out of 5

I started to use this to help with sleep and I noticed an immediate difference. I take half a dropper an hour before bed and I wake up feeling rested and refreshed. This has done wonders!

brett | Reviewing Our CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

This is my first time trying cbd gummies, while the taste isn't the best, I can definitely feel the cbd working within a few minutes. They are very practical and helpful in a pinch!

Ricardo Perez | Reviewing Our CBD Gummies

5 out of 5

It helped both me and my wife immensely.

Young | Reviewing Our CBD Softgels

5 out of 5

2 years after the birth of my son, I was still having what I could only assume was post-partum issues? Stress? Trouble? I'd gotten my bouts of crying down to once a week, and felt I was improving... And then COVID became a thing and my stress went Through. The. Roof. Pre-child I was always ALWAYS the calm, rational, logical one, so this was an unexpected change in my mental mindset. One night I just decided to go for it, and bought the 10mg softgels. Figured I'd start low. Well, the first day I took one was at least 50% better than any day I'd had in the month prior. After a week I was convinced. I didn't really FEEL different, but I was definitely better able to handle my stress. I felt like the rational part of me had returned, and I was able to organize and compartmentalize everything going on around me. I've had some tell me it's just placebo... But if it IS, and it's working as a placebo, then isn't that still beneficial? I don't particularly care about the why's or how's, I just know I feel like I can handle what life throws my way. My mother passed away 3 weeks ago, and I believe if it hadn't been for CBD, I'd not have been able to cope. I was still a mess, I still grieve even now... But it's grief that I'm coping with. I'm on my 3rd month of CBD and pretty sure I'll keep going.

Bean | Reviewing Our CBD Softgels

5 out of 5

My wife and I started with the 750mg, taking one dropper (25 mg) in the morning and one dropper at night. We switched to the 1500mg bottle and take 1/2 a dropper twice a day, but lowered our cost. We have noticed small improvements along the way. My wife is 68 and i am 72. Her joint soreness has subsided. I have noticed a significant difference in my issues and have not been getting up during the night like I used to. It has only been a month or so for us but so far the results look positive. We really like the way your company corresponds with its customers or anyone seeking information. Keep up the good work.

John and Linda Balser | Reviewing Our CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

your products are just awesome !!!!

Diane L Diamond | Reviewing Our CBD Balm

5 out of 5

Not sure what happen but I was taking 10mg gels raised amount to two soft gels 10mg and worked fantastic for sleeping and relief all day so reordered 25 mg and didn't seem to get the relief I had with just one 10 mg. Would have preferred one pill vs. two but two 10mg (20mg) worked way better.

Rod Terflinger | Reviewing Our CBD Softgels