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Find a selection of our latest product reviews below. All feedback was provided by verified purchasers of Big Sky Botanicals products. We never incentivize or influence review content - just real reviews from real clients!

5 out of 5

Super good, i take 2 of the 10 mg every morning and am good to go for general swelling until i take a dropper full of the hydro at night !

Brandi Isadore | Reviewing Our CBD Softgels

3 out of 5

Product is OK but the childproof cap is too annoying for me to purchase again.

karen sue cuthbertson | Reviewing Our Hydro CBD Tincture

5 out of 5

I researched different brands on Reddit for CBD and this one was vetted by them. I am very happy with the results. I use this tincture when I am feeling anxious or if I am having trouble calming down before going to sleep.

Apryl | Reviewing Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

thoroughly "dissolves" in water and is very easy to use. i add it almost every night in my hops tea i make as a beer substitute

jake | Reviewing Our Hydro CBD Tincture

4 out of 5

These gummies worked great however I did take off a star because of the "earthy" taste after a second or two in my mouth which lasted a while. Otherwise great!

Tracey | Reviewing Our CBD Gummies

4 out of 5

This product worked well. I did take off a star because there was only one flavor option for the broad spectrum and it was a very intense orange flavor. I appreciate that it was made using orange essential oil but it tasted like really intense orange essential oil for quite a while in my mouth. Other than that it was great!

Tracey | Reviewing Our CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

I’m really happy I decided to try this product, and Big Sky Botanicals has been great! I’ve been taking the 750mg tincture twice a day - a half dropper in the morning and a half dropper in the afternoon. I can pretty confidently say it has helped level off my stress and anxious feelings to a manageable level. About a week after my second order, one of the founders of the company called me to check in and make sure their product was meeting my expectations. Wow!

Albert Kurtz | Reviewing Our CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

I have been having soreness in my feet and legs and not wanting to even walk. CBD is great! I have more freedom to move. I researched a lot of online companies to find a reputable company for a product I could trust. Thank you Big Sky Botanicals for being you.

Melissa J Blue | Reviewing Our CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

I love the gummies! They're much better tasting than my gummy vitamins, and I feel they dissolve and go to work quickly. I have to keep them in a cabinet, not on the counter; otherwise I'd be popping them all day. I'm watching all carbs, too, so they're a quick little sweetie that doesn't raise my blood sugar.

Deborah White | Reviewing Our CBD Gummies

5 out of 5

I read a LOT and tried two other suppliers before Big Sky. I really like the professionalism of the company, the transparency, and the mostly reasonable pricing. It works in an odd way to help my sleep, by minimizing my aches and soreness (I'm 70) so that I can gogogo all day and fall asleep normally. I love the orange flavor.

Deborah White | Reviewing Our CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

I'm a big fan of this CBD oil. I've just been getting into CBD this year and have been traveling more, so needed something other than flower to take with me. This stuff has been great - I take a little bit each morning, and once or twice again later in the day. Really nice little jumpstart to get me back to equilibrium when I'm feeling anxious.

Sterling | Reviewing Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

5 out of 5

Use 2 gummies at a time, great for my issues. Not bad tasting, quickly absorbed into system. A+.

dkalmikoff | Reviewing Our CBD Gummies