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CBD Infused drink

What Happens if You Take CBD & Drink Alcohol?

We discuss what can be expected if CBD and alcohol are taken together looking at the effects, safety, and potential combined benefits.

Vince smiling drinking CBD in kitchen

What Does CBD Feel Like?

We answer the common question: what does CBD feel like and how will I know it's working?

Woman waking up rested in the morning

Does CBD Help You Sleep?

Join us as we look at the research, anecdotal evidence, and important considerations helping to answer the question: does CBD help you sleep?

Healthy high fat breakfast

Do High-Fat Foods Help Aid CBD Absorption?

A recent study announced that consuming CBD with high-fat foods increases absorption. We take a look and provide real-world suggestions inside.

Chromatography header collage

What is Chromatography & How is it Used in the CBD Industry?

Discover chromatography, an important process used across the CBD industry to test for potency and purity as well as remove or isolate cannabinoids.

Hemp Derived CBD Distillate Pour

What is Cannabis Distillation & How is it Used in the CBD Industry?

Cannabis distillation is a processing technique used to isolate compounds like THC and CBD. Learn about distillates as they relate to the CBD industry.

Hand holding wheat outside

Are Hemp-Derived CBD Products Gluten Free?

Hemp is naturally free of gluten, but that doesn't mean that all CBD products are as well. Find all the information you need to find gluten-free CBD.

Girl Applying cbd balm to her wrist

Topical CBD: What it is & How it Works

Learn the basics of CBD topicals including how they work, what types are available, and how to choose the right balm, salve or beyond for your needs.

Effective Price Per Milligram Bang

How Much Does CBD Oil Cost?

Learn how to truly calculate the value of a CBD product using our new effective price per milligram calculation & see how we are committed to fair pricing.

2018 Farm Bill Hemp Legalization Header

Hemp & CBD Products are Legal Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill

As the 2018 farm bill legalizes hemp farming & CBD products, we look back at hemp's legal history and the impact of these new regulations.

Espresso Shot Being Pulled

CBD Infused Coffee: Energy Without the Jitters?

We look at the science and anecdotal evidence to explain why CBD oil and coffee are the perfect match for jitter-free energy.

Happy dog in a field

CBD Oil for Dogs: Benefits, Safety & How to Get Started

We take a complete look at how CBD oil can benefits dogs and how to safely introduce it into their regular routine.