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CBD Gummies: New & Improved Formula is Here

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When we launched our CBD Gummies back in 2020, we had a sneaking feeling they would be a hit, and they were! They quickly became one of our top sellers and we got tons of feedback on them. The gummies were well received, but they weren't perfect.

We heard your comments in our reviews - the gummies were effective, but the taste wasn't the greatest. Despite the feedback, the product still became very popular, which means the taste wasn't a showstopper. Nonetheless, we took your feedback to heart. It's our goal to always deliver the absolute best products possible, so something had to be done.

Your Feedback, Our Promise

Before we talk about the new formula, a bit on our guiding principles:

Ensuring we provide the most effective products possible is what led us to choose to use broad-spectrum extracts rather than CBD isolate. We've written extensively on how the cannabinoid and terpene profile in a broad-spectrum product is superior to CBD isolate. Unlike isolate, which is stripped of all the valuable supporting cannabis compounds, our broad-spectrum extracts still have a diverse terpene profile.

The result is that the CBD oil we use in our gummies has that 'earthy' flavor that you get from whole-plant cannabis extracts. It's a double-edged sword because it's more effective, but it's not the most pleasant on the tongue.

Now if we didn't mind using artificial ingredients or loads of sugar, we could easily cover up the flavor of the extract, but that's not how we do things here at Big Sky.

We wanted the gummies to balance sweetness and effectiveness, so we formulated them to use natural flavors, colors, and a modest amount of sugar. Unfortunately with the original formula, this left the bitter flavor of the extract shining through.

After launching the gummies and hearing your feedback, we went back to the drawing board and reformulated them. Today we are happy to announce the new and improved formula that addresses the taste issues while keeping true to our principles.

Introducing the Newly Reformulated CBD Gummies

These new gummies have many improvements, but the first and most important is that the flavor is much improved! The new list of ingredients finds a nice harmony with the CBD oil and creates a MUCH better-tasting end product.

Additionally, you'll now find a shorter, healthier ingredients list. We've moved away from corn syrup as a sweetener and the gummies are now vegan friendly.

New CBD Gummies are Cubes

The new formula come in cubed gummies rather than dots.

Here is a breakdown of the old vs new:

Old Gummy FormulaNew Gummy Formula
Dot GummiesCube Gummies
13 Calories15 Calories
Corn Syrup SweetenedTapioca Syrup Sweetened
Gelatin / Not Vegan FriendlyTapioca / Vegan Friendly
Sorbitol PreservativeCitric Acid Preservative

What is Staying the Same

Now in redesigning this product, we also wanted to stay true to all the clients who know and love the gummies. We kept many of the core aspects the same. No matter if you order gummies regularly, or even have them set up on a subscription, you'll find the same core benefits:

  • Each gummy still contains 10mg of the highest-quality broad-spectrum CBD extract.
  • Gummies are still infused with CBD oil, not sprayed. This creates a consistent, potent product that offers maximum effectiveness.
  • They are still available in lemon, orange, and grape flavors.
  • The gummies are still created using only all-natural flavors and colorings - nothing artificial here.
  • Same pricing & great value!

Available & Ready to Ship

These gummies are in-stock today and ready to ship. If you want an even better value, you can also take advantage of our new 3+ quantity discount. Order 3 or more 30 count bottles and save an additional 5% off!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns - leave them in the comments below or get in touch via phone or email.

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