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Price Drop: Up to 25% Off + New Loyalty Program

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Since we launched Big Sky Botanicals, our mission has been to provide reliable & effective products. We knew this was the best way to support you, our valued clients that rely on them every day. This mission focuses squarely on product quality, purity, and consistency and is always at the core of our day-to-day operations.

Beyond this core mission, we are highly sensitive to accessibility. We strive to set affordable prices and provide pricing programs that reward those who order regularly and share the products with those they know.

Today we are proud to announce a price drop across our entire product line that will greatly improve accessibility for you, our existing clients and for those of you who haven't tried our products yet. Additionally, we are adjusting our loyalty offerings to ensure you're still rewarded for shopping with us!

Price Drop: Up to 25% Off

If you head over to our shop, you'll see that all our products have been updated with savings of up to 25%. Beyond these new prices you'll find the same high-quality CBD you know and trust from Big Sky Botanicals. We've simply benefited from the growth of the CBD industry and want to pass along the savings to you!

Sunsetting the Charter Buyer Club

When we launched the Charter Buyer Club, we wanted to reward the clients who put their trust in our new company and ordered regularly. We believed in our products and knew that once people tried them, they would return for more, and more!

The Charter Buyer Club made it so you didn't have to look elsewhere for CBD - you knew you had a trusted supplier and access to products at great prices. We are lucky to have had a large, growing group in the club that enjoys the benefits of our CBD.

One of the core promises of the Charter Buyer Club was 20% off for life. The new pricing fulfills this promise and over-delivers by offering additional savings in many cases - up to 25% off!

If you're an existing Charter Buyer Member, that's not all...

Introducing the Loyalty Club

We wanted to make sure that those of you who were in the Charter Buyer Club are still treated as the VIP clients you are. The new Loyalty Club offers an additional savings of up to 15% on top of the new pricing!

We've adjusted the discount scale and requirements slightly, but hope you'll find it's very familiar territory and continues to sufficiently reward you for your purchases with us.

As a member of our Charter Buyer Club, you've automatically been added into the new club based on your previous Charter Buyer Club status. That means if you were a gold member of our Charter Buyer Club, you're a gold member of our Loyalty Club.

As a result, you keep your preferred status and get an even better deal on the CBD products you love. You'll see a discount of up to 36% off the previous retail pricing! All you need to do to keep your Loyalty Club membership is purchase at least once every 120 days.

You can learn more about the new Loyalty Club here. If you have any additional questions about these changes, don't hesitate to give us a call at (406) 219-1025 or contact us via email.

If you're ready to take advantage of these new savings head over to our shop, where you'll find all the price-reduced products ready for purchase!

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