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How to Manage Your Subscription

As an active member of our subscription program, you are able to fully manage your subscription online via your online account here at Big Sky Botanicals. In this guide, we walk you through the various controls you have available to manage your subscription.

If you have any questions, comments, or need assistance managing your subscription, don't hesitate to shoot us an email via our contact form or call us directly at (406) 219-1025

Table of Contents

Viewing your subscriptions

You can manage all your subscriptions in your account here on our website. Once you log in, navigate to the subscription section of your account from the menu. From this area, you'll be able to view and manage all current and past subscriptions:

Subscription area in my account

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If you only have one active subscription clicking into this section will bring you into your subscription detail view. If you have multiple subscriptions you can choose which subscription you'd like to view/manage. This page shows the full details about your current subscription. You'll be able to see the start date, last order date, and next payment date. You can also see the items in the subscription, past orders generated by this subscription, and your current shipping/billing addresses.

The subscription renewal process

Your subscription renews automatically on your schedule each time the 'next payment date' is reached. This process happens automatically and your subscription will continue to renew unless you cancel it, suspend it, or the payment method expires.

If you'd like to modify your upcoming order, you must do it before the next payment date is reached. To assist with this, we send out a reminder email about your upcoming subscription renewal 7 days before the next payment date. This email provides you with all your current subscription details as well as links directly to the subscription page in your account to manage your order if you wish.

Below we walk through all the options you have available to manage your subscriptions:

Change shipping address

Changing where you'd like to have your subscription delivered is easy. Simply click the 'Change address' button from your subscription management dashboard and you will be led to a screen where you can update the delivery address for all future subscription orders.

Change address button

Change payment method

If you'd like to change the payment method used on your future subscription orders, you can do so by clicking the change payment button. Clicking this button will lead you to a page where you can select an existing payment method or enter a new method.

Change payment button

Update billing address

If you'd like to update your billing address, you'll perform this action at the account level. To do this, from anywhere in the My Account section navigate to the "Addresses" section.

My addresses account section

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From here, click the edit button next to your billing address and update the address information. Just before you click 'Save address' there is a small checkbox that you will need to click to update the billing address for your active subscriptions.

Billing address update section

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Renew your subscription early

If you need to process your next subscription order early for any reason, you may choose to process your next subscription date immediately with the 'Renew now' button.

Renew now button

By renewing early, the order that would have been processed on your 'Next payment date' gets processed immediately. After renewing early, your next payment date will be set to the next appropriate date based on your cycle. This will be the date following the date that your payment would have renewed if you had not renewed it early. Renewing early does not change your order renewal date.

For example:

  • You have a monthly subscription set to renew on the 15th of each month.
  • Your next renewal order is on November 15th.
  • On November 12th, you renew early.
  • Your subscription order processes that day, counting as your November shipment.
  • Your next payment date is then set to December 15th.

Suspend your subscription

If you wish to skip one or more upcoming renewal orders, you may put your subscription on hold using the 'Suspend' button. This can be useful if you're receiving products too frequently and need a temporary break or if you wish to put your subscription on hold while you are away.

Suspend subscription button

While your subscription is paused, your order date and frequency continue in the background, but your orders are not processed. You can later return to your account and 'Reactivate' your suspended subscription. When a subscription is reactivated, the payment schedule will continue as it did before the subscription was suspended. The payment schedule is not changed based on the amount of time the subscription has been suspended.

For example:

  • You have a monthly subscription set to renew on the 15th of each month.
  • Your next renewal order is on November 15th.
  • On November 12th, you suspend your subscription.
  • November 15th passes and your order is not processed since your subscription is suspended.
  • You keep your subscription suspended until December 12th when you reactivate it.
  • Your December 15th order is then processed as normal.

Cancel your subscription

If you no longer wish to receive your subscription items, you may cancel your subscription using the 'Cancel' button. You will be able to later re-create the subscription using the 'Reactivate' button on a previously canceled subscription.

Cancel subscription button

Add items to an existing subscription

You may add additional products to existing subscriptions. All you need to do is head to the product page that you wish to add to the subscription and select a frequency that matches that of the current subscription. Select the 'Add to an existing subscription' checkbox and then click the 'Add +' button to add the item to the existing subscription.

Add items to existing subscription

Remove subscription items

If you have more than one item in your subscription, you may remove items by clicking the 'X' to the left of the item in the subscription details. You cannot have an active subscription without any items. Because of this if you only have one item in your subscription you cannot remove it. Instead, you'll want to cancel or suspend the subscription.

Remove items from subscription example

Changing your subscription renewal date, frequency, or potency/size of a product

The options to tweak these details of your subscription are not available via your online account. If you wish to modify these settings, our customer service team will have to perform the configuration for you. Simply shoot us an email via our contact form or call us directly at (406) 219-1025 with the details of what you're after and we will be happy to help.