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Referral Program Policy

By participating in the Big Sky Botanicals referral program, you agree to this policy and any future updates and modifications. Big Sky Botanicals account holders who participate in the referral program by sharing their custom generated coupon code or referral links are referred to as 'advocates' throughout this document.

Credit & Compensation

The referral and credit rates are as follows and are subject to change at any time at Big Sky Botanical's discretion:

  • An advocate must have placed an order to be eligible to refer new clients.
  • New clients referred by an advocate are eligible for a one-time 15% discount off the product subtotal of their order (not including shipping, tax, or other fees).
  • Advocates are eligible for store credit valued at 25% of the product subtotal (not including shipping, tax, or other fees) of each valid new customer that orders using their custom coupon code at checkout.
  • An advocate's store credit is stored in their Big Sky Botanicals account and can be tracked at any time in the referrals account section.
  • An advocate's store credit is automatically applied to future orders including both manually placed orders and automated subscription renewals.

Rules & Restrictions

The following rules and restrictions must be followed by all advocates and clients participating in the referral program:

  • Referral discount codes are only valid for use on a new customer's first order and must be entered in the coupon code field by the new customer at the time of checkout in order to be counted as a valid referral.
  • Referral discounts cannot be combined with other discounts, coupons, or sales unless otherwise specifically outlined.
  • The referral program may not be used between members of the same household.
  • Advocates may not share referral coupon codes or links on spam sites, spam or mass emailing, or by using bots or automated systems of any kind.
  • Advocates may not place links or share referral coupon codes on coupon, deals, promo, or discount sites.
  • Advocates may only share their referral coupon codes with people that they personally know.

Violation Privileges

Big Sky Botanicals holds the right to suspend or remove the accounts, referral privileges, revoke a referral ID, and/or the associated store credit for any advocate resulting from actions that Big Sky Botanicals deems has used outside the guidelines and principles outlined in this document.

Advocate's Relationship to Big Sky Botanicals

Participating referral program users do not represent Big Sky Botanicals or the views of the company. Big Sky Botanicals is not responsible for any of the actions or publicized information provided by its advocates or users posing as advocates.