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Product Spotlight: CBD Hydro - The Water-Soluble Tincture

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Water-soluble versatility, next level effectiveness.

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our product line: CBD Hydro! Keep reading to discover this new water-soluble solution and why it's a unique, flexible option for daily CBD use.

What is CBD Hydro?

On the outside, Hydro looks like any other CBD tincture - a 30ml bottle with a squeeze top dropper. Take a look inside and you'll see that this is no ordinary product.

In each bottle, you'll find a water-soluble nanoemulsified phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. This specialized hemp extract has been broken into tiny, tiny particles that are an average of 25nm in diameter. These oil particles are so fine that they are able to readily disperse throughout liquids.

CBD Hydro Product Closeup

This special preparation makes Hydro the perfect solution for adding CBD to drinks and even food products. No longer do you need to buy overpriced infused products with unknown contents. Simply add your desired dose to any drink you wish and enjoy high-quality, clean, effective use!

Compare to Traditional Oil-Based Tinctures

The trouble with traditional oil tinctures is that when added to any liquid, they simply float on top. Pour the liquid out and you'll notice the oil ends up sticking to the side of the glass or bottle resulting in waste and inconsistent dosing.

Hydro addresses this problem head-on. When added to water, coffee, tea, or even energy drinks it completely and evenly mixes into the liquid. This means accurate dosing and no waste - just convenient CBD-infused anything!

Check out the following video showing a side-by-side comparison of a traditional MCT-oil based tincture compared to Big Sky Botanicals CBD Hydro being added to water:

How to Use This Product

Using Hydro is extremely easy, simply add your desired dose to your favorite drink and mix in. The product comes in a 250mg bottle containing 30 servings at 8.3mg of CBD per one-serving dropper.

Hydro is unflavored. There is only a slightly noticeable vegetable glycerin taste from the tincture when mixed into a standard-sized beverage - even water. This keeps the product versatile as you can add it to any type of drink you wish without negatively impacting the taste.

You may also use this product as a traditional tincture, though it is primarily designed to be used in infusions. For a traditional tincture, see our oil-based offering.

If you're ready to give this exciting new project a try, head over to the CBD Hydro page where you'll find it available for purchase today!

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