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Our Commitment to Fair Pricing

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Here at Big Sky Botanicals, it is our guiding belief that phytocannabinoid-rich products can benefit nearly anyone. Unfortunately across much of the industry today, affordable CBD products are hard to find! Overpriced and underperforming products plague the market due to lack of regulation, lack of education, and a cash grab mentality that many companies employ.

The short-term mentality that drives this self-serving behavior is NOT what you'll find here at Big Sky Botanicals. Instead, we have our eyes set to the future and are putting you, our client's, best interests first!

We are accomplishing this mission by providing highly effective, accessible products at fair prices. To take things a step further, we support these products with a wealth of education, top-notch client support, and additional accessibility programs designed to reduce ongoing costs for you, the consumer. It's important that you find our services to be high-value - and we believe you will!

Fair Base Pricing - Now & Forever

Take a look around the CBD industry and you'll find that prices for similar products are all over the place. To make matters worse, product quality and effectiveness don't seem to play into how prices are set! Without understanding how to shop for CBD, you can easily fall for a bad deal and waste your money. With CBD products holding so much potential - overpaying for an ineffective product is not only terrible for the end customer, and it's bad for the industry.

To address this issue, we've priced our products for the future. Here a Big Sky, you won't find constant sales and deep discounting that are common among so many other companies. What you'll find when you compare our products is that per milligram of CBD, our retail pricing simply can't be beaten. We've priced our products at fair levels today, so we don't have to change them tomorrow.


Effective Products, Lower Cost Per Dose

A topic not covered enough in the industry is the fact that CBD suffers from bioavailability issues. In layman's terms, this means much of the CBD you consume ends up passing through your body without ever having an effect! For traditional oil-based products - especially capsules - as little as 5-10% of a product you consume actually has an effect. This means that up to 95% of the CBD you consume is washed from your body as waste!

To combat these issues, we've employed the latest technologies to ensure that our products are highly effective. For example, we utilize nano water-soluble technologies to improve the effectiveness of our capsules as much as 5x - this means that you'll need 1/5th the dose compared to an oil-based capsule!

The result is that our products are significantly less expensive per dose. At 5x effectiveness, you're saving 80% when comparing to an oil-based product. Combine this fact with our already stellar retail pricing and you're starting to see why our products should be an easy choice - but we're not done yet!

Cost Assistance Programs

To further assist those who wish to use our products on a regular basis, we've created some assistance programs that are accessible to all our clients!

Charter Buyer Club

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The Charter Buyer Club is our exclusive program that allows you to earn an increasing lifetime discount simply by placing orders! The idea is simple - for each purchase you make, you graduate to a higher level of discounting.

Joining is easy, all you need to do is register for an account on our website and place orders to earn up to 20% off our products for life!

Learn more about the Charter Buyer Club

Referral Program

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As a Big Sky Botanicals client, you can refer your friends and family to earn store credit. Each new sale you refer gets a 20% discount on their first order, and you get 25% of their order subtotal as store credit on your account. This store credit is automatically applied to future orders, including subscription orders, further reducing your costs.

We are confident you'll love our products, and this program is a win-win, offering you the chance to completely offset your ongoing costs!

Learn more about our referral program

Our aim is to be your partner in CBD use for as long as you wish... which is likely for the rest of your life! We are confident that you won't find higher-value products anywhere. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or needs and we will be happy to assist.